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When do people celebrate boxing day?

when do people celebrate boxing day?

Despite its name, Boxing Day, which is celebrated on December 26 in Great Britain, has nothing to do with pugilistic competition. Nor is it a day for people to. The origins of Boxing Day lie not in sport, but in small acts of kindness. As with most things to do with Christmas, it was the Victorians who The tradition of giving Christmas boxes to tradespeople is now Just to complicate matters, eastern orthodox Christian countries celebrate St Stephen's Day on 27. In the Victorian age the custom evolved and on Boxing Day most tradespeople who supplied middle class houses would give their clients a gift. Challenge your family to a match. Pre-Christmas sales are up by 2. Shopping And The Boxing Day Sales While government buildings and small businesses are closed, the malls are filled with people either exchanging gifts or buying reduced priced Christmas gifts, cards, and decorations. What is the point of Boxing Day and why do we celebrate it? However in Ireland, where St Stephens Day is celebrated, many shops remained closed throughout the day. As time went by, Boxing Day gift giving expanded to include those who had rendered a service during the previous year.

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Many children like to go and spend their gift vouchers that they received on Christmas Day. These traditions have evolved into the Christmas hampers that many large employers distribute, although these are now often distributed in the week before Christmas. When it falls on Saturday or Sunday, there is always a holiday on Monday. HOME News World News Obituaries Travel Health Jobs. KB Kim Bowman Dec 23, when do people celebrate boxing day?


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